Exceptional care
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Home Nursing Group is a locally owned and operated aged care business,
passionate about supporting older people to enjoy life in their own home.

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Meet James Rowland

James Rowland has led a very full life; from working on steam ships and as a licensed builder, to dancing professionally as a ball room exhibition dancer. Now living in Forster, the 88-year-old received physiotherapy appointments through Home Nursing Group (HNG) which helps him with his sometimes debilitating nerve pain.

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Meet Chief Operations Officer Peta Waters

As the Chief Operations Officer of Home Nursing Group (HNG), Peta Waters says her work colleagues make coming to work easy, a sure-fire indication of the type of workplace the organisation offers. With more people than ever wishing to remain in their own homes, Peta says it’s a wonderfully rewarding time to be in the Aged Care sector.

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Ted Mulligan - Age is only the beginning

At 104, Ted Mulligan is one of Home Nursing Group’s eldest clients. Born over a century ago in 1916, Ted was raised just outside Guyra on his parent’s property named “Glenore”. It was here that he discovered his passion for horses.

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Meet Sarah Hammond

Sarah Hammond’s key responsibilities as a Home Care Package Care and Support Coordinator in Armidale include ensuring her clients receive the care and support they require to be able to continue living independently in their own homes, as well as advocating for them when they or their family are unable to do so. More than anything, Sarah brings to her work an energy of cheerfulness, living by her favourite quote, ‘Wherever you go, go with all your heart’.

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Meet Leonie Gambetta

On the cusp of her 69th birthday, Leonie Gambetta shares a little about what Home Nursing Group (HNG) means to her.

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Meet finance administrative assistant Trish Shortis

Trish is one of the women behind the scenes at Home Nursing Group (HNG), ensuring everything runs smoothly and the accounts are paid. As a recent HNG recruit, the finance administrative assistant says her welcome to the Armidale office has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Meet community volunteer Julia Chapman

Julia Chapman is one resilient woman. After raising 10 children of her own and giving countless hours to community volunteering throughout her life, it was time to have a rest. Julia now lives in Tamworth and has been helped in her home by Home Nursing Group for the past two years.

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Meet Belinda Mears - Registered Nurse and Care and Support Coordinator

Belinda is a registered nurse and Care and Support Coordinator for New England. Her role at Home Nursing Group is extremely diverse, covering clinical care, home care assessments, client advocacy, referrals and education for clients and their families.

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Meet Megan Rees - Senior Care and Support Coordinator (CHSP)

Megan Rees started working for Home Nursing Group (HNG) in 2015 after years of working in retail and customer service. She sat down with HNG to chat about the value of keeping older people in their homes and the rewarding nature of her job.

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Lorena Townsend lives by the motto, ‘one life, one chance’

A fiercely devoted community woman, she splits her hours in the day between her work with Home Nursing Group (HNG) and her time as a mum, a volunteer and a keen exercise enthusiast.

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Meet Coffs Harbour Team Leader Hannah Archibald

Hannah Archibald lives by Einstein’s immortal words, ‘Strive not to be a success, but rather be of value’. The Coffs Harbour local is Team Leader for the area’s Home Nursing Group branch and says the work has enriched her life.

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Leone and George Aiken - A life of love

Leone was just 16-years-old when she first clapped her eyes on George Aiken. The two, both students at local high schools, were at an Old-Time dance in Parramatta. Leone instantly liked the look of George. “I suppose I fell in love with his nice long legs. He was a Homebush boy; I went to Parramatta home Science which was an all girls’ school, he went to an all boys’ school,” Leone says. “We knew at our first date that this was it. We both felt very comfortable, and that was how it has stayed.”

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Meet passionate world traveller and AIN Paul Hammond

Paul Hammond has dipped in and out of his work with aged health care and has now settled in Port Macquarie where he works for Home Nursing Group (HNG). When not giving back with his role as an Assistant in Nursing, he’s deep within his greatest passion; travelling the world.

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The Home Nursing Group difference

We help you through the process
Exceptional care in your home
Passion for People
We help you through the process

We make it easier!

If you or somebody you love could use some extra support to stay living independently at home, our friendly intake team can help you understand what options are available to you.

They will explain the type of services available, different funding options, and how to apply for the assistance you need. Home Nursing Group knows the Aged Care system can be confusing, and we will help you navigate it. Our team can also assist you with the referral process for entry into the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or a Home Care Package approval.

If you currently have a Home Care Package and would like to understand how Home Nursing Group can support you, we can help explain the recent Australian Government reforms and what they mean for you, including your ability to change provider if you choose.

Home Nursing Group offers great value for money and the reassurance of more highly-skilled Registered Nurses than the industry average, so you have the peace of mind knowing we can look after all your needs as they change.

Exceptional care in your home

All services from one provider

Home Nursing Group is an approved provider of Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home Care Packages.

We offer a broad range of services — everything from cleaning, transport, respite and social activities, to skilled nursing, allied health and nutrition advice.

We have fully trained staff to deliver your home services. We will work with you to choose services that best suit your needs and preferences.

Our services are great value for money. And most importantly, because we employ more Registered Nurses than the industry average, you will have the peace of mind knowing we can look after all your changing needs. We call it “care for life”.  

Passion for People

We truly care

Nothing is more important than the comfort, safety and security of our clients.

Home Nursing Group staff take pride in delivering the highest quality services in your home.

We support our staff to enable them to deliver the highest standards of Home Care.

Our staff have current police checks, undertake regular training and adhere to strict accreditation requirements and industry standards. We employ people from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of skills to meet all your needs – including high level nursing care.

COVID-19 Response

Updated August 2020

Home Nursing Group is contributing to the national response to COVID-19 through proactive measures to ensure client and staff safety and wellbeing.

  • HNG is reviewing Australian Government advice and direction daily, regarding COVID-19 and aged care.
  • All HNG employees, receive annual training and testing on Infection Control practices and Hand Hygiene.
  • All HNG employees are receiving refresher training on infection control practice developed by the Department of Health to combat the spread of COVID-19 in aged care.
  • All HNG employees are receiving regular and update information on COVID-19 and safety practices.
  • HNG is providing appropriate personal protective to all staff to use in high risk situations.
  • Our staff are monitoring the health and wellbeing of clients and will immediately report any symptoms of concern.
  • Any employees who have returned from an identified high risk area in the past 14 days, will not be able to work until they have had medical clearance to do so.

Should you develop symptoms of concern, have someone staying with you who develops such symptoms, we encourage you to notify us immediately so safety measures can be taken. Please also contact your GP and the National Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 020 080 for advice.

We encourage all clients and their families to practice good hand hygiene, maintain social distancing and, if possible, restrict all travel away from home and group interaction. This combination of measures are known to be the most effective ways to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Home Nursing Group thanks you for your patience and understanding during these exceptional times, and we will keep the community updated as required.