Do you enjoy caring for people? Do you want to work in a positive, team-based environment where you will be supported to learn and grow? Do you value flexibility in your work and enjoy learning new skills?

Home Nursing Group is a progressive employer supporting the values of diversity, equity and ethical practice. We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for all our workers, with opportunities for on-going training, education and career development.

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Why work with Home Nursing Group?

Culture and Values
Ongoing Training
Our Team
Culture and Values

Care is not a commodity

A caring and socially-aware business such as Home Nursing Group is not just a group of workers. We are a collective of people engaged in important work for our community. Values are about distilling our essence into a set of behaviours we can all embrace every day.


hear from our staff

Home Nursing Group obtained a set of authentic values based on our staffs feedback and experience; we undertook 100 climate surveys, 86 individual surveys, 32 sets of group work, 12 communication alerts, nine values sessions and eight face to face meetings. Their ideas were then grouped into themes, words and meanings; and the aligned behaviours identified.

This highly meaningful process resulted in the following Home Nursing Group values and behaviours:


  • I maintain confidentiality and privacy at all times
  • I communicate openly with my manager


  • I respect other peoples individuality
  • I treat others with dignity


  • I listen actively and non-judgementally
  • I consider other people’s feelings and views


  • I complete my work as directed
  • I share information with my team


  • I respect other peoples skills, mindsets and work contribution and understand those complement mine
  • I know my skills, mindset and work contributions  are also respected
  • I collaborate with others to reach common goals

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training is fundamental

Home Nursing Group believes on-going training is fundamental to communicating our cultural values and ensuring our staff feel confident and safe in their jobs.

To ensure this, we provide many educational opportunities in areas such as dementia, mental health and palliative care, in addition to baseline competency training.

Home Nursing Group reinforces organisational culture and grows our team by:

  • Facilitating a bottom-up top-down approach. This means that we see our care givers as the top of our organisation and the face of our services. We listen to our staff and value their input at all levels.
  • Ensuring job-training supports all external learning.
  • Providing education that keeps abreast of health care changes and better practice.
  • Seeking opportunities to continually improve our skills.
  • Supporting a blended learning culture by offering staff online and face-to-face training on the job.

Our Team

Quality sets us apart

We deliver industry-leading services and have over 30 years of experience; however, it’s the quality of our staff at Home Nursing Group that sets us apart.

Our team is passionate about supporting older people to live safe, healthy and happy lives in their homes. We believe that home care is a sustainable, affordable alternative to institutional care, and we have a variety of roles in our business that support this philosophy.

From our Assistants in Nursing in the field to our support staff in the office, Home Nursing Group offers a diverse range of roles to our employees, who come from all ages and walks of life. We recognise and value the skills and life experience our employees bring to the services we provide.

Take these easy steps to join the Home Nursing Group team

Complete your online application

When you click on the link of the job that you are interested in, you will be guided to more information and an online form. We review applications for suitability against the position’s criteria. For some of our roles, there are mandatory qualifications required and these will be outlined in the job advertisement.

If your skills and experience match what we’re looking for, we will contact you by phone or email. We will also talk to your referees.

To protect our business, our people and our customers, all employees are required to have a current National Police Check (stating aged care work as the intention of the check), and if relevant, a Working With Children Check.

The interview

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an initial face-to-face interview. You will be asked to bring along proof of identity, credentials, criminal history check and eligibility to work in Australia. Further reference checks will be conducted with referees that you have reported to in recent roles.

Successful Applicants

If you are successful in joining Home Nursing Group, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Congratulations! You are successfully joining a large and innovative aged care organisation, one who is passionate for people and puts their clients and staff first.

Get started

On acceptance of an offer of employment, we will send you an employment agreement letter, along with other commencement paperwork and a link to our easy-to-use on-boarding system where you will be asked to complete an online induction. The online induction is your first introduction to our company. It will help you understand how we operate.

Once completed, you’re ready to start work with us.

Welcome to Home Nursing Group

During the first few weeks, there will be a lot to learn. You will receive a tailored orientation program when you commence, which will include background information on Home Nursing Group. You will also have access to online training for core competencies, and we will provide field workers with paid buddy shifts with experienced staff members who can ensure your transition to our business is safe and enjoyable.

More than just a job, we offer a career.

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Enterprise wide learning at Home Nursing Group – Outstanding Team
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