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Supporting loved ones living with dementia

Are you or someone you know living with Dementia? Impacting almost half a million Australians, dementia can be difficult to live with, both as a carer and for those who are experiencing it.

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This Saturday 7 August is Aged Care Employee Day!

Home Nursing Group would like to acknowledge each and every one of our staff who provide care and support for our vulnerable clients and who make a meaningful difference to their lives each and every day.

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With Aged Care in Regional Australia under pressure, Home Nursing Group can provide the support you and your loved ones require.

Aged care in regional Australia is in crisis with many regional homes closing leaving elderly, rural and regional Australians being dependent on family support. Many people want to ‘age in place’ staying in their home and community for as long as possible, and this is where Home Nursing Group...

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Protect yourself and your loved ones this winter with the Flu Vaccine

Every year we remind our staff and clients how important the influenza vaccine is to optimise the health and well-being for all. This year, as we continue to deal with the pandemic, it is as important as ever to protect yourself against the flu.

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The importance of using a mobility aid

Do you ever feel unsteady, maybe you have started using the furniture to balance or you sometimes feel a little worried that when you sit down that you may need assistance to stand back up again? We strongly believe that mobility aids are very important for your safety and...

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