Complaints and Feedback Policy

What is the aim of this policy?

This policy aims to provide Home Nursing Group (HNG) consumers and employees with a guide to the management of feedback relating to the practices of the organisation and the services provided by the organisation and its employees and contractors.   The aim of the HNG Feedback System is to be accessible, confidential, prompt and fair.  Resolving complaints within the organisation builds relationships and leads to better outcomes for consumers.

Who does the complaints and feedback policy apply to?

This policy applies to HNG consumers, their families and carers and to all employees covered by the HNG contractual agreements.

What are the key definitions in this policy?


In an organizational context, feedback is the information sent to an entity (individual or a group) about its prior behaviour so that the entity may adjust its current and future behaviour to achieve the desired result.


A statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable and requires a formal response to the complainant and an explanation of how the organisation intends to address the complaint


Worry about a situation or event that can usually be quickly addressed to the satisfaction of the persons concerned and may not require a formal response.

How does HNG deal with complaints?
  • A consumer complaint is serious dissatisfaction with some aspect of HNG service provision. Consumers are encouraged, and supported, including by advocates if required, to express their complaints to enable us to improve the quality of our support.
  • HNG creates and maintains an organisational culture that values, promotes and encourages feedback and uses feedback as an opportunity to learn about ways in which outcomes for consumers can be improved.
  • Consumers are made aware, through the Consumer Handbook, of their right to complain without fear of retribution, the complaints process and their right to use an advocate in making a complaint. This information is explained to consumers at the time of assessment and review.
  • Consumer’s complaints may be provided in person, via telephone, via email, by post or by using the HNG ‘Tell Us What You Think’ form.
  • HNG employees will always look for ways to overcome barriers which make it difficult to raise concerns, such as language, cultural, cognitive or communication difficulties.
  • The HNG Consumer Handbook provides information on how to access the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and consumer advocacy services.
  • Consumers who have no, or limited English Language are provided information on how to access Interpreter and translation services and translated information on how to voice a complaint.
  • The principle of Open Disclosure are use in the investigation of complaints.
  • Consumers can expect complaints to be dealt with fairly and promptly and for staff to take steps to ensure that consumers feel comfortable to continue accessing the service after making a complaint.
  • The investigation of all complaints is conducted following principles of procedural fairness and natural justice.
  • All complaints and concerns are addressed within the timeframes in the HNG Complaint Handling Procedure.
  • Consumers may also choose to complain to an external agency and HNG will support them to do this.
What if I have special needs?
  • Where consumers may have special needs, such as people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Care and Support Coordinator and Managers ensure that any cultural aspects are considered when reviewing a complaint or dispute and ensures the person feels comfortable in discussing a dispute. The presence of a family member or friend or the support of an interpreter may be required.
  • The Care and Support Coordinator also ensures that any actions, interventions or referrals are appropriate to people from special needs groups. This may require the involvement of organisations with expertise in special needs groups either in providing advice or assisting in actions.
How does HNG protect your confidentiality when responding to complaints?
  • As far as possible, the fact that a consumer has lodged a complaint and the details of that complaint are kept confidential among staff directly concerned with its resolution. The consumer’s permission is obtained prior to any information being given to other parties that it may be desirable to involve in order to satisfactorily resolve the complaint or dispute.
  • All communications involved in addressing consumer feedback are done so in accordance with the HNG Code of Conduct and Confidentiality and the HNG Privacy Policy.
  • HNG will accept anonymous complaints, concerns or feedback and will investigate with due diligence, any matters raised by an individual who does not wish to be identified. Under these circumstances the outcome of the investigation will may not be able to be provided to the individual. Positive feedback from an anonymous source is fed back to those involved in the usual manner.


How does HNG respond to client concerns?
  • A consumer may express a concern about the services provided by HNG but do not feel a formal complaint is warranted. A consumer concern can be escalated to a consumer complaint if warranted. Consumers are encouraged to raise any concerns they have regarding the services provided or the employees providing the service. Concerns may be received in writing, via the ‘Tell us what you think form’ or verbally.
  • Consumer concerns that relate to the quality of services, employees or HNG systems and processes are documented appropriately and actioned as an important component of the HNG Quality Improvement Framework.
  • Consumer concerns that relate to individual preferences or requests, and can be resolved, are documented in the consumer record.
What does HNG do with positive feedback?

Positive feedback is an important of the HNG Quality Improvement Framework. All positive feedback is documented. Positive feedback is provided to the relevant employees and teams using direct communication, team meetings and the HNG newsletter.

How does HNG monitor the complaints and consumer feedback process?
  • Feedback and complaints processes and systems are regularly audited as part of HNG audit program and staff, consumers and other stakeholders are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback on issues and areas where improvements can be made.
  • All Feedback data and trends are provided to the HNG Executive.
  • Data is collected twice annually for consumer feedback and any trends are used for training and quality improvement activities.