Meet Pauline McLennan

Pauline McLennan started with Home Nursing Group (HNG), receiving respite care and support services for her husband Trevor, who was terminally ill. After her husband sadly passed away two and half years ago, Pauline decided to continue with HNG and receive domestic assistance to help keep on top of some household chores.

Pauline was born in Cessnock but went to school in Sydney . As a young adult, she moved back out to the country where she attended the Teachers College in Armidale. It was a huge revelation for her to return to the country lifestyle. Pauline became a Primary School Teacher and upholds strong principles in education, especially for young people.

Education and equality became fundamental during her teaching life, and she has carried that over to all aspects of her life. She found great enjoyment encouraging young children to expand their knowledge and describes her experience as a teacher as a wonderful time.

Her passion was clearly infectious and this attributed to her being selected to be a Demonstration Teacher, where college students would come and observe her teaching methods in the classroom.

She feels very strongly that every child should have equal opportunities and receive an education. “Children are just so wonderful!”.

When Pauline was in first grade, she recalls her teacher contributing to her becoming an avid reader. The teacher used to read a chapter of ‘Peter Pan’ every day to the class, and Pauline became completely absorbed in the adventure and excitement. Books have been a huge part of her life and she attends a local book club once a month.

Pauline and her late husband, who was also a teacher, married in 1957 and they had three children. They eventually moved to Tamworth to be closer to their children and grandchildren. She appreciates that she doesn’t feel she has to rely solely on her family, who have other commitments with their family, work and businesses.

Pauline believes that the Home Nursing Group has given her the opportunity to remain independent. The freedom to organise her own social life, and be actively involved in family life. Pauline openly states that down the track she will require extra help and assistance, but just knowing it is there is reassuring for her, as she simply says, “The time will come”.

Pauline has other creative and cultural hobbies including knitting, although confesses she’s not in it to show off her needling skills! Pauline initially joined a Probus Club when living in the Blue Mountains and got involved with the ‘Wrap with Love’ movement, started by Sonia Gidley King. This charity organisation sends colourful rugs made from squares donated from volunteer knitters for people in need in communities all over the world.

Now, every Friday morning at the Tamworth Library she and other ‘knit wits’, sit, socialise and knit for a great cause. Pauline gets tremendous satisfaction knowing their blankets are going to people in need; it’s her way of continuing to contribute to society.

Pauline genuinely believes that people of all ages should be entitled to know where they can access help and what services are available, no matter what their situation.

Pauline feels happy and secure knowing that she has some plans in place if her circumstances were to change. In the meantime, Pauline continues to be active within the community and is looking forward to attending the Red Cross High Tea with her Granddaughter.