Meet Nathan Mace – 18 years and still passionate about care


Nathan Mace began working at Home Nursing Group in 2001 as an Assistant In Nursing (AIN). Over his eighteen-year career with the company, Nathan has worked his way up to become the Senior Care and Support Co-ordinator based in the Armidale headquarters of Home Nursing Group.

Originally Nathan started out as a self-employed qualified Massage Therapist, specialising in Acupressure, Reflexology, Remedial, Sports, Swedish and Geriatric massage. Through his work with the elderly, he was approached by Home Nursing Group and decided to take on this new opportunity and challenge.

Nathan is a strong believer in client reablement and genuinely cares about the overall wellness of his clients and their families. He has made a positive impact on many of his clients lives and this is evident through him being asked to be the pallbearer for eight of his clients throughout his career.

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What are your key responsibilities as Senior Care and Support Co-ordinator?

My key role and responsibilities include providing Care and Support Co-ordination of our customers.  This involves helping develop and then co-ordinating the delivery of individualised care plan that addresses the needs and goals of each individual client.

My portfolio also includes providing specialist support to other Care and Support Co-ordinator team members. I participate in staff recruitment training and I manage the Activities Facilitator within the current Social Support Group Program (the Jacaranda Social Club).

What do you love about working for Home Nursing Group?

I love coming to working each day knowing I’m supporting someone who needs assistance, reaching life changing goals, and knowing I’m doing so with other work colleagues who have the same genuine care and compassion for the aged care industry.

It’s easy working for a company with team members who are as passionate at their job as you are.

How has Home Nursing Group supported you over the years?

Home Nursing Group have provided great personal and professional support for me as they do for all their employees. Home Nursing Group has encouraged me to continue my education, and I have completed a Traineeship and gained many qualifications while working here.

They were very enthusiastic about providing me with employment opportunities and furthering my career. I have been given many opportunities throughout the eighteen years to work my way up into other roles within the business.

Within your role, what have been some rewarding moments with the client and their families?

I’m a believer that ‘you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’ – I have been privileged in this industry to assist many people to do just that.

Over the years, I have seen customers ticking off unfinished bucket lists, re-enabling to a capacity that they can do it again independently, and assisting with Advance Care Planning.

Within the health industry, they promote good births, so there is no reason why we can’t promote a good end of life experience, I’m in favour of good quality palliative care.

Why is home care an appealing career choice?

Taking care of the elderly at times can be a very emotional job, but for me, it’s outweighed by the many rewards. It is so much more than a job; it’s a commitment to making an impact on the lives of clients we care for and their families.

To care for those who once cared for us is of the highest of honours. Aged care also comes with ample opportunities that can lead to a gratifying career.

What are your passions in life?

Other than my work – my family, and simple country life, I have a passion for Athletics. I have tried most sports but didn’t excel in them like I did with Athletics. I had big dreams and visions on where I wanted to go but a serious career ending injury when I was 22 halted that.

I like to participate in as many charities and fundraisers as I can, and I also have a great passion for suicide prevention. The outcomes are devastating, and I encourage everyone to start that conversation today.

For any potential clients and families that might be hesitant in seeking assistance, what would you say to them?

I would say to them HNG wants you to age comfortably and safely at home for as long as possible. We understand that most people have managed their entire lives and want to go on doing so, despite the challenges they face. We encourage and support that and want to help you continue to manage your own life.

If you’re unsure of where to start, I’d recommend calling Home Nursing Group, and we can assist you through the whole process.

My role as a Care and Support Co-ordinator is to compliment one’s life through encouragement and ongoing participation.  As I say to our clients, ‘We cannot change the outcome, but we can affect the journey.’