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You have a choice

We all want to stay in our own home for as long as possible. This is now easier than ever, thanks to changes in Australia’s aged care system.

You have a choice about who provides care in your home.

At the beginning of 2017, a new system called the ‘national queue’ was introduced in Australia. Once you have been assessed for and allocated a home care package by MyAgedCare, you can decide and control which organisation will deliver your care and support.

So where do you go from here?

If you are new to home care, and you have questions about being placed in the national queue, or if you are interested in changing your service provider, get in touch with our friendly team at Home Nursing Group. We can help to clarify the national queue system and find the best fit for your home care needs.

Exceptional care in your home

Home Nursing Group is passionate about helping you be where you want to be. We have been delivering exceptional home care for people across Northern NSW since 1985.

Locally-owned and operated, HNG is a full-service, high-quality home care provider. We employ fully-qualified nursing staff, who receive on-going training and support. Our workers are proficient in first aid, CPR, infection control, medication management and other skills needed for excellent home care. Many also have specialist training in dementia and palliative care.

We are backed by industry-leading intake, coordination and clinical teams in local offices across the region. With HNG, you always talk to real people, not a far-away call centre. And you are always welcome to drop in for a cuppa!

This range of skills and local support means that Home Nursing Group offers you peace of mind. They can always care for you — no matter what your needs are, today or in the future.

More value for your hard-earned money

Consumers increasingly demand higher quality, greater choice, and more flexibility in how their home care is delivered.

Almost all of our clients are eligible for Commonwealth support for their care costs. Since HNG is committed to efficient operations, we keep our administration fees below the industry average. And unlike some home care providers, HNG has no hidden exit fees.

Call Home Nursing Group today for a free, no-obligation service review to learn how we compare with your current provider.

Be where you want to be

Most importantly, being cared for at home ensures a higher quality of life. For most people, this is something that is beyond price.

Home Nursing Group is passionate about putting choice back into your hands, and helping you and your loved ones be where they want to be. Please call our team on 1300 698 693 to learn how they can help you, leave us a message, or follow the buttons if you would like more information about exceptional home care.

Call us to make the switch today

1300 698 693