I want to switch my service

Once you have been assessed for a Home Care Package and allocated one by My Aged Care (MAC), you can now decide and control which organisation you prefer for your care and support.

Your package, your choice

Since March 2017, consumers with a current Home Care Package have the option to choose their own service provider. Whether you are accessing a Package for the first time, or considering a switch from your current provider, now you can review and compare the quality, service and value for money offered by different providers to find the one that suits you best.

More competition among Home Care Package providers is great news for you!

Why Switch?

There are many reasons people might consider switching to a new home care provider. For example, they may not be able to access all the services they need (such as skilled Registered Nurse services); they may be unable to have services at convenient times; or they may feel that the services aren’t truly tailored towards improving their quality of life.

Whatever your reason for thinking about a change, please call Home Nursing Group and we can tell you about our high-quality care (including the highest ratio of RNs in the industry), our great customer service, and the terrific value for money we offer as we deliver exceptional care in your home.

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