How to get assessed for a Home Care Package

As we age, we can find that having help is important to enable us to remain living at home.

Why not get assessed for a Government funded Home Care Package?

Would having help with the shopping make a big difference in your life? Or perhaps you need some assistance to keep the house tidy and get the washing done? Maybe you need support every day to shower and dress? Or perhaps you are living with a chronic illness that prevents you from being mobile?

As people age, having such help is important to enable you to remain living at home. The Australian Government funds support and subsidies for services to assist you at home.

There are 4 levels of Packages. The higher the level, the more support you are entitled to:

  • Level 1:

    Basic care package

  • Level 2:

    Low level care package

  • Level 3:

    Intermediate level care package

  • Level 4:

    High level care package

how much does it cost

Step 1: My Aged Care (MAC) Assessment

The first step in obtaining help is a free face-to-face assessment in your home with a member of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You will be asked questions about how you live, how you manage your daily activities, your safety in the home, your health, and about any support that you currently receive.

Some people feel apprehensive about undergoing an Aged Care Assessment; however, it is the process the Government uses to determine your needs and what financial assistance you may be eligible for. It shouldn’t be something to be nervous about and you are welcome to have a family member or another support person with you during the assessment. All of the information you provide during the assessment will be treated as confidential.

Step 2: Find out the results of your MAC Assessment

Following your assessment, ACAT will send you a letter that tells you what level of Package you have been approved for.

It is important to keep these documents in a safe place; they also contain a referral code and Aged Care number.

Please note that at this point you don’t have your Package, just the approval of your eligibility.

Step 3:

After you have been assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package, you will be placed on a national waiting list.

Your position on the waitlist is determined by the date of your assessment and the priority of your request, which is determined by your ACAT Assessor.

When you get to the top of the waiting list you will receive a letter from My Aged Care advising that your status is approved.

Step 4: Choose an approved Home Care provider – Home Nursing Group

At this stage, please contact Home Nursing Group, so we can start delivering your services. We will put a care plan in place that maximises your control and the value of your Package.

Home Nursing Group can also provide support for you during the entire process, including information about your options, as well as interim care solutions while you wait for your Package.


Please call our friendly team at Home Nurisng Group if you would like to know more about how we can help you through this process. Alternatively, you can head to the My Aged Care (MAC) website to register

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