Training at the heart of staff support and recognition in 2020

Home Nursing Group (HNG) values staff and recognises their great contribution to both the ongoing growth of the business and the high quality care provided to our clients. We believe that training and education for staff provides is central to providing better support and information and a positive means for recognising the professionalism of our workforce.

With the recent introduction of the Aged Care Quality Standards and the preliminary findings of the Royal Commission, Home Nursing Group is dedicated to the provision of safe and high quality care and believes learning and development of staff is key to this outcome.
Every year HNG undertakes an annual evaluation to look at feedback from staff and the current needs of the industry to assist in putting together a relevant and engaging learning program.

For 2020 staff will undertake over 12 new modules in the online learning platform aimed to increase skills in topics such as palliative care, dignity of risk, confidentiality and personal information handling, mental health, deteriorating health, duty of care, wellness and reablement, and practical manual handling.
Materials have been both developed internally to reflect HNG practices and sourced from accredited providers in aged care to ensure the material is engaging and accessible to all team members.

All staff are expected to undertake a minimum number of face to face hours and online modules over a 12 month including familiarisation with business policies.


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