Customers a priority at Home Nursing Group

Home Nursing Group believes every person receiving care in their home has the right to high quality care and professional customer service. We invest in staff training and support to ensure that all staff within the business work in a manner that is in line with our TREAT values.

Over the last 12 months we have engaged professional customer service and support training through the KONA group to provide staff better skills in listening and responding proactively to our customers and improving experiences for our customers with us and have been well received by teams, with skills and strategies being embedded into everyday work.

These training sessions have taken place across our footprint over 6 months and incorporated the upskilling of over 40 staff in a wide range of roles and are a part of the wider training plan delivered to our teams encompassing clinical care, client care, industry regulation, business administration and customer service.

In line with the upskilling of our staff Home Nursing Group has also developed a Customer Charter and Feedback resources for our customers to ensure people receiving our services have access to express their thoughts about the services they receive and can have concerns dealt with appropriately.

We feel confident that this work alongside the current systems within the business will ensure that we continue to deliver ‘exceptional care’ to our clients.

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