Angie recognised for her Team Leadership

Congratulations to Angie Gordon, Team Leader for Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour.

The Staff Angie 002Recognition and Appreciation for June is awarded to Angie Gordon. Angie is the Team Leader for the Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour regions of Home Nursing Group.

Angie has always been a positive, vibrant and hardworking member of the team. Since starting out with Home Nursing Group over two years ago she has developed her career within the aged care industry, initially starting out in the Call Centre.

Angie continues to demonstrate her leadership, compassion for both clients and staff, and the Home Nursing Group TREAT values of trust, respect, empathy, accountability and teamwork. Congratulations Angie!

How do you feel about the recognition?
I’m honoured but embarrassed! I am very fortunate to work with some fabulous people and know that the combined work of the field staff, the assistance I get from the Scheduling team, and the support everyone in the office gives, makes my job much easier.

So many more worthy candidates but I’m very humbled, thank you for the recognition.


What do the TREAT values meant to you?
Simply put – they are the lynchpin of our business. We all have to make hundreds of decisions every day and when we share these common values we can move in the right direction together.

I believe in them 100% and feel a great responsibility to do my best for everyone.

Why do you think they are important?
TREAT keeps us working towards a common goal and intertwines all our roles and responsibilities. They form the basis for the work we do and push us to continue to find better solutions.

Every day we have staff out there doing the best they can in what can sometimes be challenging situations, and I’m so proud of the Care Workers for the commitment they show and the compassion they have for the clients and each other.

If the TREAT values weren’t at the centre of their focus, we would not be able to provide such excellent services.

To see what our TREAT values mean to our staff and their work at Home Nursing Group, click here to head or videos page.

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